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Request for Videoconferencing

Information Technology supports faculty with the use of videoconferencing equipment in either the distance learning classrooms or portable units for any classroom. For more information, please contact Gene Grande at 333-7031 or

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Knight (Room 4104) Flanagan (Room 2207)
Liston (Room 1208) Newport County (Room 200)
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Requirements of User
  1. Person in charge of class or event must receive training on the equipment to be used at least one week in advance prior to the date of the event. Please contact IT staff at:

    Campus Room Telephone
    Knight Campus DL Room Room 4104 333-7031
    Flanagan Campus DL Room Room 2207 333-7031
    Liston Campus DL Room Room 1209 333-7031
    Newport Campus DL Room Room 221 333-7031
  2. Person in charge must be present during the event. Room will not be opened until person in charge arrives.
  3. Any use of media (such as videotapes or software) in the room must be in full compliance with copyright laws.
  4. No smoking, food or drink is allowed in the room. Person in charge is responsible for enforcing this policy.

As the person in charge of the class or event, I agree to abide by these requirements.

NOTE: You may call the numbers listed above to check availability of the room prior to submitting this request; however, reservations may not be made by telephone.

Please note that your reservation has NOT been finalized until you receive confirmation from the Information Technology group.